CA foundation Business Maths, LR & Statstic New Syllabus Study Material Compilation for May 2024 onwards

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We are Sharing With You CA foundation Business Maths, LR & Statstic New Syllabus Study Material Compilation for May 2024 onwards Paper-3 : Business Maths, LR & Statstic . So kindly Check Out our website and ALL the Best for Your upcoming Exams.




  1. To develop an understanding of the basic mathematical and statistical tools and apply the same inbusiness, finance and economic situations.
  2. To develop logical reasoning skills.


The whole syllabus of Quantitative Aptitude shall be divided into three broad areas:

Business Mathematics

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Statistics


    1. Ratio and proportion, Indices and Logarithms: Ratio and proportion and Time and work-relatedproblems, Laws of Indices, Exponents and Logarithms and Anti Logarithms.
    2. Equations: Equations: Linear Simultaneous linear equations up to three variables, Quadratic and Cubicequations in one variable. Applications in Business related problems.
    3. Linear Inequalities: Linear Inequalities: Linear Inequalities in one and two variables and the solutionspace.

Mathematics of Finance:

    • Simple Interest
    • Compound interest
    • Nominal and Effective Rate of Interest
    • Present Value
    • Net Present Value
    • Future Value
    • Perpetuity
    • Annuities
    • Sinking Funds
    • Calculating of EMI
    • Calculations of Returns: Nominal and Effective rate of Return
    • Compound Annual growth rate (CAGR)
    1. Permutations and Combinations: Basic concepts of Permutations and combinations: Introduction, the factorial, permutations, results, circular permutations, permutations with restrictions, Combinations with standard results.
    2. Sequence and Series: Introduction Sequences, Series, Arithmetic and Geometric progression, Relationship between AM and GM and Sum of n terms of special series and Business Applications.

Sets, Relations, and Functions. Basics of Limits and Continuity functions.

    1. Basic applications of Differential and Integral calculus in Business and Economics (Excluding thetrigonometric applications).


    1. Number series coding and Decoding and odd man out
    2. Direction Tests
    3. Seating Arrangements
    4. Blood Relations


    1. Unit 1: Statistical Representation of Data: Diagrammatic representation of data, Frequency distribution, Graphical representation of Frequency Distribution – Histogram, Frequency Polygon, Ogive,Pie-chart.

Unit:2 Sampling: Basic principles of sampling theory, comparison between sample survey and complete enumeration, some important terms associated sampling types of sampling, sampling andnon-sampling errors.

Measures of Central tendency and Dispersion: Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion: Mean Median, Mode, Mean Deviation, Quartiles and Quartile Deviation, Standard Deviation, Co-efficient of Variation, Coefficient of Quartile Deviation.

Probability: Independent and dependent events; mutually exclusive events. Total and CompoundProbability and Bayes’ theorem.

Theoretical Distributions: Random variables, Discrete and Continuous Random variables, Expectation of a discrete random variable, Theoretical Distributions: Binomial Distribution, Poisson distribution – basic application and Normal Distribution – basic applications.

Correlation and Regression: Scatter diagram, Karl Pearson’s Coefficient of Correlation Rank Correlation, Regression lines, Regression equations, Regression coefficients.

Index Numbers: Uses of Index Numbers, Problems involved in construction of Index Numbers, Methodsof construction of Index Numbers. BSE SENSEX and NSE.

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