Most Important Tips for CA Students to Boost their Performance in CA Examinations

Hello Dear CA Students,

We are Sharing With You Few Important Tips for CA Students to Boost the Performance in CA Examination . So kindly Check Out our website and ALL the Best for Your upcoming Exams.


Hello Dear Students,

Getting nervous or upset because exams are just few week to go. we assume you have completed the whole CA Exam syllabus of CA Foundation , CA Inter or CA Final but still not getting the confidence.

How will you perform?

Paper will be tough??

What will happen if we could not recall the answers??

Or praying, “Bhagwan ji iss Bar Pass kra dena , Agli Baar dekhna Garda Uda dunga ”. Don’t worry dear Students , we all are also getting the same thoughts during our Exam days.

But getting nervous or Fear is not a solution, it can just ruin & vanished all your efforts. First of all take a deep breath and be calm & relax . Those three hours (2pm to 5pm ) in exam time will decide your hard work of Six months, have a confidence that you can do it. You are preparing for it for the last six months. You already have read the Complete syllabus, revise it multiple times, there is not a single reason that can make you face failure in your exams. But don’t get overconfident.

Important Tips for CA Examination:

We are providing you some useful Tips for CA examination which you should definitely consider-

  • Read the paper carefully – Friends, we get extra 15 minutes to read the paper. Utilise that time and go through the paper. This will help you in evaluating the questions which are easy for you and you can easily solve it.

  • Start every question from a new page – Dear Students remember that don’t create any mess in the answers sheet. Always start a new question on a new page. This will help in better presentation and helps the examiner in searching the questions. Also, this strategy will minimize the chances that any of your questions remain unchecked.

  • Don’t Panic – Sometimes what happens that when we read the first question, our reaction is that,” Oh My God, this is the only topic I skipped”. And more painful is that it will be either for 20 marks or 16 marks, and we know that the first question is a compulsory question. But don’t panic champions, still, you have 80 or 84 marks on paper to do. You can easily score well in the remaining paper.

  • Attempt the Question from which you are more comfortable –  After reading the paper, you came to the conclusion that you can easily complete the last question in very short time and this is the easiest question for you. Then no problem champ, you can start your paper with the last question. The first question is always the first impression on the examiner.  So, always start your paper with the question which you can write the best.

  • Complete all the parts in a single place – There can be two or four or five parts in a single question. You have to answer all the parts of the question at a single place.

  • Manage your time – After reading the paper and going through the questions divide your time into the number of questions. Otherwise, what will happen that after spending one hour, you will found yourself that you are done with the only question and there are still 5 more questions and only 2 hours are remaining. You will get nervous and could not perform your paper well. So, divide your time into every question and try to follow that.

  • Better presentation – Do not start your answer with the conclusion. In the theory subjects like EIS SM ,DT, IDT, Law, Audit start your answer with the short summary what question actually wants to ask, then name the relevant selection or provision, state the facts of law, relevant case law and the conclusion. Try to leave a single line between all the things.

Dear Students you can keep in mind these tips. Very important from your exam prospective.

We want all the students clear this exam. wish you all the best for your Exam.

Stay tunned with for more tips and tricks for exams.

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