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Since Law is a theory subject, you will have to memorize everything in the best way. Here are a few tips to help you remember the concepts thoroughly.

Focus on the head points of various answers wherever available. Write and practice those head points to remember them.

Highlight the keywords in every answer. Write and Memories those keywords. If you know the keywords, you can easily frame the sentence in your own words in the exam.
As far as possible, try to use legal and technical language and highlight the main keywords in your answer.

Make a list of Section numbers and read it every day till your exams. Though writing sections are not mandatory, writing them will surely give you an upper hand. But remember, do not quote section number if you are not confident. No section number is better than the wrong section number.

Apart from learning and understanding the key concepts and provisions, one of the major factors to score good marks in the Law paper is the presentation and style of writing answers in the exam.

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Types of Questions

  1. Theoretical provision-based questions
  2. Practical case-study based questions

The approach of answering both these types of questions is different.

How to Answer Theoretical provision-based questions
These questions are direct questions based on the concepts. These questions do not require any special preparation but instead, require a set approach to writing them.
Write the answer in point format. Underline the heading and leave a line after every point. Write examples wherever required.

How to Answer Practical Case-Study based Questions
It is very important to read and understand the question clearly in the first reading itself. For this, while reading the question, one should clearly identify the requirement of the question and try to recollect the topics or topics to which the question relates.

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Break your answer into 3 paragraphs

Paragraph 1-
Mention the section number, Name of Case Law (if any) and the theory to which the question or case relates.

Paragraph 2-
In the second paragraph, discuss the facts of the case and arrive at the solution.

Paragraph 3-
The final conclusion or recommendation should be mentioned in this paragraph. The conclusion can be written in just 2-3 sentences. You need not mention the provisions again as the conclusion is not a place to introduce new arguments.

Remember students, there is no substitute for hard work. Planning, proper strategy, and regular studies will help you to pass your CA Foundation exam in the first attempt. Do not wait for the last minute or your portion to get over to start planning your studies. Have a study plan clearly outlined to ensure that you study every subject and every topic thoroughly.

BUSINESS LAW Few Tips Shared by Students:

Student no 1:-

I had self studied for Law And scored 65 which is Pretty much decent.

This is how I studies Law:

1st Reading: Read it as a novel Just go through all provisions.

2nd Reading: Try to understand The provision. Don’t start Cramming but Try to understand Logic behind the provision. You can Refer to YouTube videos. They are really helpful. Make sure you Clear logics by This reading

3rd reading onwards: Start Learning Provisions. I am not Saying to Mug Up but using the language used by modules Would surely help you score well. Remember the more you revise the more it is better in law.

Don’t Forget to practice illustrations, examples, Practical Questions, RTP, MTP,

past year questions from ICAI material. Please don’t refer any third party book. The module is beautifully drafted By ICAI for foundation level.

I had self prepared Summary notes in chart forms. Due to this( and also postponement of exam) i was able to revise law for around 7- 8 times.

*1 BIG MISTAKE I MADE* i didn’t write even a single paper before exam and didn’t time myself before exam due to which i could complete only 85 marks paper. Please Don’t make this mistake.

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Student No 2:-

if u have taken coaching from any institute (icai or any private) , take up notes and revise the same along with institution book.

if u want to prepare on your own, go for the author books like S.chand etc.

they will explain simplified manner with sufficient practical examples.

then they will provide test series at end of the chapters.

.dont go directly for the test series, just like remembering questions and answers. First read the topics thoroughly and understand it then go for test series.

.don’t follow too many authors books , it may give confusion.

.first our icai material, your notes and one author book highly sufficient.

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