CA Inter Law Most Important Topics and Sections List for May 2022 Attempts

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We are sharing with you CA Inter Paper 2 Corporate and Other Laws Most Important topics and Section List for May 2022 Attempts .

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CA Inter Most Important topics and section list for may22

ca inter Important section list for May 22 exams


  1. Small Company—-Section 2(85), Associate Company—-Section2(6), Foreign Company—-Section 2(45)
  2. Section 3A
  3. OPC:-Nominee (Withdrawal of Consent), Conversion
  4. Section 8:-Conditions, Revocation of license
  5. Change of Object Clause
  6. Change in Registered Office
  7. Powers of NCLT 7(7)
  8. Section 10A
  9. Section 19
  10. Section 29, 31, 32
  11. Civil & criminal liability in Prospectus
  12. DVR
  13. Share Certificate and Duplicate Share Certificate
  14. Sweat Equity Shares
  15. Bonus Shares
  16. Buy Back (Sources, condition & prohibition)
  17. Refusal of transfer of shares (Sec 58)
  18. Alteration of Capital (Sec 61)
  19. Section 62
  20. Calls in advance
  21. Purchase of own Shares (Sec 67)
  22. Debenture (Section 71)
  23. Section 73 & 76
  24. Section 77, 83
  25. Section 92, 94
  26. Section 101
  27. Section 103
  28. Section 105
  29. Section 108 & 110
  30. Section 118
  31. Section 123
  32. Section 128 & 129
  33. Section 134, 135 & 137
  34. Section 141
  35. Section 143, 144

Penalties:-Sec-7, 8, 34, 35, 53, 76A, 86, 97, 127, 128 and 147

Imp Definitions:-Free reserves, Financial Statements, Financial Year, Books of Accounts, Net Worth, PFI, KMP

Other Laws

Indian Contract Act

  1. Discharge of Surety (Revocation and variance in terms)
  2. Rights of Surety (Indemnity, Set-off and Co-Surety)
  3. Duties of Bailee
  4. Right over complete value of goods (Railway case)-Pledge
  5. Duties of Agent
  6. Agency coupled with Interest
  7. Sub-Agent

Negotiable Instrument Act

  1. Dishonour of Cheque
  2. Inchoate Instrument
  3. Sec 84
  4. Diff between bill and cheque
  5. Privileges of HDC
  6. Drawer in case of need
  7. Protection to collecting banker
  8. Material Alteration
  9. Not negotiable crossing

General Clause Act

  1. Sec 5
  2. Sec 6, 8
  3. Sec 9, 10
  4. Sec 13
  5. Sec 23
  6. Sec 26
  7. Sec 27
  8. Definition:- Immovable property, good faith, affidavit, year and Financial year

Interpretation of Statutes

  1. Harmonious construction
  2. Ejusdem Generis
  3. Proviso
  4. Notwithstanding and Subject to
  5. Exhaustive and Restrictive definition
  6. May and Shall
  7. Usage and Contemporanea Expositio

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