CA Inter Group I Exam Strategy by AIR 11 and Download All Subjects 80+ Certified Copies (AIR 11) Nov’21

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We are Sharing With You CA Inter Group I Exam Strategy by AIR 11 and Download All Subjects Certified Copy (AIR 11) Nov’21. 😍


How will you know where you are going wrong ?

Its very simple, if you keep practicing wrong things, you will be an expert in doing it wrong. Similarly, if you practice doing it right, you will end up being an expert in it.

Your answer sheet gives you an insight into what you have written and how you have reproduced or what you ought to have written to secure better marks.

It is not always that you have written a wrong answer for scoring low or getting less marks.

There is a difference in writing a right answer and writing a perfect answer. For you a right answer would mean reproducing all the contents. But, for it to be perfect, your introduction, body and conclusion alongwith your advise should be in proper flow. Also check whether you have written correct sections and case laws. In short, your presentation does matter.

We have always been stressing on the importance of doing writing practice. It doesn’t matter how much you read and learn, ultimately it boils down to the fact as to what and how you write in examinations.

So our advise is, do see what you have written and try to improve upon it.

  • We personally feel you should download some certified copies with exemption from our website
  • You should take a deep look into such copies to get an understanding of paper writing style, presentation skills ,marking scheme adopted by ICAI, use of own language etc. and then devise your own strategy.😎😎
  • We have attached the certified copies of CA Final Exam so that you can evaluate the mark sheet & get an idea about the marks allotment.

You can also get an idea about the presentation of answers in these certified copies.

AIR 11 Nov’21 Exam Strategy :

Hello all CA Inter Students ,

My name is Prasanna Surana I recently Cleared with AIR 11 in November 2021.

🔑Key to my All India Rank at both levels of CA Exams💫

By Prasanna Surana
– AIR 3 CA Foundation
– AIR 11 CA Intermediate
– Subscriber of CA Foundation Notes Telegram & CA Inter Notes Telegram Channel since last 3 years

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Since I am receiving lots of DMs about my study strategy, I am here with complete subject wise strategy for foundation and Intermediate level.

Important points for all the subjects:
📍 Clear all the concepts of every topic … Even if the topic is very small.

📍 Study from ICAI Study Material (Everyone knows, but few actually follow… You will hear this tip from every Rankholder… ICAI Material ko bhagwaan mano)
Preferred Sequence:
i) Modules
ii) Practice Manual(If available)
iii) RTPs
iv) Past Exam Question Papers
v) MTPs
➡️Note: Practicing more questions from other reference books is good but 1st preference should be given to ICAI Study Material mentioned above.

📍 Revise again & again from ICAI Modules.
Multiple good quality revisions are better than 1 or 2 best quality revisions, bcoz human brain is going to forget the things after some time.
(As it is said ki Bhagwaan ki roz pooja karo…Likewise ICAI Material baar baar read karoooo.)

📍 Cut out the questions which you are damn sure that you can solve easily. (You will find it’s true benefit during 1.5 days exam time)

📍 Write your own comment to every hard/different question, stating which part of it is hard/strange, so that you can just see that part at the last moments of exam. (Cut rest of the Q. which is almost similar to earlier Qs.)

📍 Self study may also work but I will advice to do classes as it benefits in number of ways from concept clearance to self evaluation by way of tests.

📍 Have Self-control over your beloved smartest phones…. Decide specific time to use them and use only at that time. As soon as you start study again, forget all that stuff.

📍 Do not count study hours only but also count EFFECTIVE study hours… Remember that no one can study with 100% efficiency. You have to increase study time as well as efficiency while studying to boost the result.

📍 Give maximum tests of each subject, including topic wise tests as well as Full Length tests and focus where you make mistakes. Analyze them and try not to do the same again in any future test.(We at our Mind Spark Academy solved topic wise tests for all the subjects at a gap of 2 days for 6 to 7 months)

Stay tuned for complete subject wise strategy for Foundation and Intermediate, which is immensely helpful!

Here is my Marksheet

Now, I am sharing the Subject Wise Strategy and Certified Copies


1) Practice all the RTP Questions… They are often asked in exams.
2) Practice each different type of Questions at least once in writing.
3) Write the unique or tricky part of the Questions in the side of the Question itself, Cut the other parts if they are repetitive or very easy.
4) Don’t ignore any Questions given in module 1 of Accounting Standards. There are high chances that you get atleast 1 AS Question exactly similar to those given in module.
5) Atleast for AS, you can’t ignore Practice Manual… Also for all other chapters also, PM is extremely Important.

Corporate and Other Laws

1) Don’t try to remember section no. in the beginning itself…Except few
2) Start reading & revising provisions first with just a glance on sec. no.
3) Practice all available case law type Questions.
4) Solve ICAI CASE SCENARIO BOOKLETMCQs matter a lot in scoring good in law
5) Make a list of IMP Sections & read it daily.
6) Don’t mug up as it is given in modules… Try to remember key points & practice to write in similar language as given in module… But not the exact language.
7) Don’t ignore other laws while focusing companies act.
8) Don’t try to remember everything given in General Clauses Act and Interpretation of Statutes.

Download Law Certified Copy

Cost and Management Accounting

1) Don’t miss even a single Question or example given in modules, especially Questions of small chapters like job, batch costing which are generally ignored by many.
2) Don’t ignore theory part… As per the latest trend, theory Question of atleast 5 marks becomes compulsory… You can’t skip that in option…Especially theory of chapters 1,2,3,4,5,12 & 15.
3) PM & RTP Questions are extremely IMP for costing… Do practice all.
4) Refer pt. no. 2 & 3 of accounts… It is applicable to costing as well.
5) Make a formulae sheet (especially Standard Costing).
6) Don’t mug up the formulae… Understand the logic and build the formula by yourself… This will be highly beneficial to remember it forever.

Download Costing Certified Copy


1) Remember all the provisions of the act, even if it is a very small proviso… You should be able to recall the provision while reading the Questions …. For this, multiple readings is the key.
2) Solve the practical Questions to analyse how well you can apply the provisions to facts of the case & get the correct answer.
3) Make charts or tables for some chapters of GST… Stick it to the wall & read it whenever you are free.
4) Before exam day, start DT with chapters other than 5 heads & then go to 5 heads of income… But don’t spend too much time in any 1 chapters…. You must cover everything in 1.5 days exam time.
5) Amendments must be done properly… Questions will be asked from them for sure.

Download Tax Certified Copy

All the Best!!!

CA Inter Group 2 Detailed Strategy & Certified Copies by AIR 11 Nov’21

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