CA Final Exam STRATEGY by AIR 41 and Download All Subjects Certified Copy (AIR 41) Jan’21

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Finally, You have made up your mind to enter in the world of Chartered Accountants and looking for the toppers certified copies to achieve your goal. Well, you are on the right page.😎😎

We are Sharing With You certified copies of CA Final Paper-8 : INDIRECT TAX Highest Marks achiever. 😍


How will you know where you are going wrong ?

Its very simple, if you keep practicing wrong things, you will be an expert in doing it wrong. Similarly, if you practice doing it right, you will end up being an expert in it.

Your answer sheet gives you an insight into what you have written and how you have reproduced or what you ought to have written to secure better marks.

It is not always that you have written a wrong answer for scoring low or getting less marks.

There is a difference in writing a right answer and writing a perfect answer. For you a right answer would mean reproducing all the contents. But, for it to be perfect, your introduction, body and conclusion alongwith your advise should be in proper flow. Also check whether you have written correct sections and case laws. In short, your presentation does matter.

We have always been stressing on the importance of doing writing practice. It doesn’t matter how much you read and learn, ultimately it boils down to the fact as to what and how you write in examinations.

So our advise is, do see what you have written and try to improve upon it.

  • We personally feel you should download some certified copies with exemption from our website
  • You should take a deep look into such copies to get an understanding of paper writing style, presentation skills ,marking scheme adopted by ICAI, use of own language etc. and then devise your own strategy.😎😎
  • We have attached the certified copies of CA Final Exam so that you can evaluate the mark sheet & get an idea about the marks allotment.

You can also get an idea about the presentation of answers in these certified copies.

AIR 41 Jan’21 Exam Strategy :

Hello all CA Final Students ,

My name is Kishan Chandarana I recently qualified as a Chartered Accountant with AIR 41 in January 2021.

it was the toughest exam in past attempts of CA Final New Syllabus, all the papers were tricky except for the elective paper International Taxation and the pass rate in this attempt was very low i.e 6%.

However, I was able to manage it just because I had a good time to prepare and during my CA Final Leave period I studied consistently and diligently with the motivation of clearing CA with good marks and I left all distractions and I have not used my mobile during my leave period, it is not necessary for all but I am the person who uses mobile extensively if I have it with me so I did it.

I have not attempted any test Series or mock test papers but let me tell you that I got printouts of all ICAI past publications Like RTP MTP and Past Papers of all Subjects (hereinafter referred to as Scanner) except audit and law from May 2018 Exams it was very helpful while attempting main exam because some of the sums are not covered in SM but are there in RTP and MTP

I was having a practice of reading a subject the whole day and not reading multiple subjects in one day even I tried to read multiple subjects in a day but it was an unsuccessful attempt it was not possible for me so I chose to read only one subject at a time.

And the most important learning of mine is multiple time revision is important and keep yourself motivated by remembering some quotes and imagining post-CA life

Here is my Marksheet

Now, I am sharing the Subject Wise Strategy and Certified Copies

Financial Reporting

I have taken Classes from Parveen Sharma the concept notes and the practical understanding of a topic given was very helpful and during my leave period I referred to concept notes of Parveen Sharma and referred all sums of SM and scanner and I found that there were sums in the scanner not covered in SM so it was useful and conceptual you cannot leave it and do some writing practice of questions and answers and how to present in the exam and while attempting exam the paper, first of all, give some brief about topic and Ind as name and then start calculation part. I must say that you should go through all concepts and do not leave any concepts even if no question is there in SM or anywhere on that topic because in the January exam the paper was conceptual and not the same as it was in November 2019 i.e it was mostly from SM.

Strategic Financial Management

I have taken classes from Aditya Jain and I referred the notes of Aditya Jain and the books provided by him and the main thing now for SFM is due to change in paper pattern we are required to learn all sums conceptually and I practiced all the sums in writing many times I have not referred any other book for SFM I have not referred SM in SFM because all sums were there in AJ Book.

“Download SFM Certified Copy

Advanced Auditing & PE

I have taken Classes of Pankaj Garg and I referred the main module for concept clarity and I have done writing practice for main points of particular questions I do not find PG scanner useful because it does not cover all topics.

Download Audit Certified Copy

Corporate & Economic Laws

I have done classes from Siddharth Aggarwal and studied the book given by him which contained bare sections and the referred scanner of Pankaj Garg and darshan khare . I remembered almost all sections of companies act and some sections from economic laws.

Download Law Certified Copy


I just referred New syllabus SM thoroughly and all sums available in scanner and SM.

Download SCMPE Certified Copy

International Taxation

I have taken classes from Vinod Gupta. It was my choice to select paper 6c even if I heard from many people that Paper 6c is tough but I followed my inner voice and chose paper 6c. I studied all case studies available in the scanner and studied the whole SM given by Institute.

“Download IT Certified Copy

Direct Tax

I have taken Classes from Vinod Gupta and referred all the module and summary book provided by VG Sir and it was very useful and I have also referred the scanner

Download DT Certified Copy

Indirect Tax

I took Classes from Raj Kumar sir. I referred the books provided by them and questioner of Vishal Bhattad sir which is very good.

Download IDT Certified Copy

All the Best!!!

AIR 41 Jan’21 Certified Copies:

SubjectsMarksDownload Links
FR74 MarksDownload Now
SFM 51 Marks Download Now
Audit 49 Marks Download Now
Law 49 Marks Download Now
SCMPE64 Marks Download Now
International Taxation 75 Marks Download Now
Direct Tax 68 Marks Download Now
Indirect Tax 63 Marks Download Now

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